Utahns Coming Together

November 12, 2016


Draft 9/7/16


Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute, University of Utah in the Thomas S. Monson Center

A diverse group of Utahans will gather together for rich facilitated conversation in the morning.  They will be comprised of individuals from throughout Utah who have engaged in pre-Summit conversations on diverse topics, as well as additional highly diverse individuals who represent the diversity of Utah.

9:00-10:00                   We will come together in rich conversation across our differences and harvest topics and themes from Pre-Summit conversations held in Utah during September and October.

10:00-10:30                 Break and Networking

10:30-Noon                 We will harvest additionalperspectives, passions and possibilities from those in attendance regarding coming together in Utah and America.

Noon to 1:30               Lunch Break


Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute

Our distinguished panel of Utah leaders representing the left, right and center of Utah’s political spectrum and distinguished national guests, John Steiner, Liz Joyner and Joan Blades will be facilitated by Mark Gerzon, nationally acclaimed facilitator, mediator and author of The Reunited States of America.  The Utahns in Conversation in the morning and other diverse Utahns will be the audience for the panel,

1:30-2:30                     The Panel will reflect on the pre-summit and summit conversations and consider the rich range of topics that can set an agenda for further conversations and working on solutions in 2017

2:30-3:00                     Break and Networking

3:00-4:30                     The Panel will consider the incivility and divisiveness in America and how we might come together in Utah and America for a fresh start grounded in civility, compassion, inclusiveness and collaboration.


Rose Wagner Theater for the Performing Arts 7:00-9:00 pm

7:00-8:30         An evening celebration of the civil, compassionate, inclusive and collaborative work that we have accomplished in Utah and more that we might do. Awards will be given to individuals and organizations which have been examples to us all in this regard.  National key note speakers John Steiner and Mark Gerzon will help us dream of what is possible and how we might set a new standard not only in Utah but for the Nation and the World.

8:30-9:00         Closing reception